faceHi… My name is Peter Offermann and I am responsible for this site.

I have been uncomfortable with our society since my youth. I quit school in 1960 when I was 14 because I thought school was making me dumber instead of smarter. After leaving school I spent about 6 years traveling around Canada taking many different jobs, mostly as a laborer. In my travels I met many people from all walks of life. Virtually all the people I met were ‘good’ people but a large number of them behaved in ways that were harmful either to themselves, others or to their environment. Being the curious sort and regularly being hurt by such behavior, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why people act the way they do.

I eventually realized that our ‘education’, and the Mass Media (MSM), were destroying our society with the quality of material they were introducing into people’s minds. We are what we think, and the MSM is probably the largest contributor in forming our world view. Our actions are in turn determined by our world view. If ‘harm’ is the norm in our world view we will act in a harmful manner. This does not mean we are ‘bad’ people, it only means we are people that don’t know any better. Between our schooling and the MSM, we are left in a debilitated state that has directly resulted in the deplorable state of the world today.

At around age 20 I started a recording studio and live sound company with the intent of introducing content into the MSM that hopefully would result in people coming to better understand their own actions while also providing examples of more meaningful ways of living.

I worked at this task for about 12 years and was successful at it to the point that eventually one of the top Hollywood media insiders visited me in Canada and offered to make me a ‘made’ man. I was given the opportunity to join the exclusive club that controls the MSM.

Until this point I had been very naive and had assumed the atrocious quality of the MSM was accidental, not a deliberate attempt to introduce harmful behavior into people’s lives.

My meeting with this media baron made it very clear that the state of the MSM was intentional, and caused, for their own purposes, by a small group of extremely wealthy individuals. It was made clear that if I joined their group I would gain ‘fame’ and ‘fortune’ to the point where money was meaningless. It was made clear that in order to join the club I had to become totally submissive to those that controlled it in all ways, which included sexual perversion.

This person was one of the scariest people I have ever met. If you are familiar with David Icke’s theories about reptilians, this person fit the bill perfectly. My motivation in life was to make the world a more comfortable place for everyone to live in so I declined personal fame and fortune and determined to continue on my own path. This person was very gracious and nothing more was said. We departed amiably.

However I soon learned that those that control the MSM do not allow for competition. After this meeting all sorts of doors that had previously been open to me were slammed shut in my face. It became obvious to me that my career in the media was over. I did not give up on changing the world, I just realized the approach I had taken until then was not viable. I went on to seek other avenues.

I have lived an interesting life, which I will detail somewhat on this site, but this site is about making a the world a better place, not about me. Most of my thinking derives directly from experiences in my own life, not from ideas ‘taught’ in school or ‘injected’ by the MSM so much of my writing will be personal in nature. Because of my lack of ‘education’ and long history of realizing what the MSM does to us, my thoughts are my own to a greater extent than most people. You will not find what I have to say in the knowledge base of our society as it is in direct opposition to the world view the owners of the MSM desire to implant in all the people not in their exclusive club.

The knowledge base of the world is what it is because it needs to be that way to allow those who control it to live their lives of power over others, fortune, and fame, if desired, all on the backs of everyone else.

The intent of this site is to further my attempt at leaving a better world, for all of us, behind me. I am not alone in my stated desire and this place is also intended to be a place where others can voice their own ideas of how to make the world a better place. My intent is not to tell you what you need to do, it is to illustrate to you a method of thinking that will allow you to determine your own course successfully.

One of my first posts on this site view here explains that in my youth I spent a number of years as a fire lookout man. A lookout man is responsible for quickly scanning a large landscape and finding anomalies (fires) in it. To do this well you need to focus on the ‘forest’ and not on the ‘trees’. Trees need to be placed in context to make sense.

This is a unique way of viewing our environment, offers a perspective of the world that most people are not familiar with. A painter friend says artists use this method while determining images they intend to present to others.

hillsideThe webscape is a landscape and has both a ‘tree view’ and a ‘forest view.’ There countless good website that focus on the ‘tree’ (micro) issues and many will be presented here. There are few, if any, sites which focus on the ‘forest’ (macro) view. Seeing ‘trees’ is also an important part of creating an accurate world view but until they are placed into an overall context the information they present does not necessarily give you an accurate worldview. Focusing only on the ‘trees’ often leaves one confused.

From a lookout man’s perspective, the information represented by the ‘trees’ is meaningless unless it is placed into the context of the ‘forest’. Until you visualize how all the disparate components fit together and make a whole, the landscape you see will make no sense.

What this site will first attempt to do is put many of the ‘trees’ found in the webscape into context so that the result will be a more accurate world view. From there I hope to continue on to how to change the world, and also describe what ‘my’ version of a better world might look like.

The first step in changing the world is seeing it accurately.

Most of the early writing on this site will focus on presenting material to you that gives you a view of the world denied to you by the MSM. I have spent many years, virtually full-time, on the internet scanning the forest. I will present here the most meaningful material that I found. Hopefully the resulting understanding of assessing this material will become a good foundation for others to work from in order to change the world to their own liking. It has certainly worked that way for me!

Hint: The changes needed are mostly internal ones to our own thinking. Today we are pretty much powerless to change the way society does things. We can however change our own thinking, and resulting actions, so that we relate to society in a different and more meaningful way.

Once a solid foundation is built, we can progress on to defining what a better world would look like.

A better world is a very personal thing. ‘My’ better world is not necessarily ‘Your’ better world. The better world that I visualize is one where everyone is free to determine their desired world as an individual without interference from others.

Unless we are willing to give others complete freedom to live as they choose, we cannot expect others to allow us that freedom for ourselves.

The obvious question everyone asks when stating the above is, “What about protecting myself and my family from others?”

The way our society is structured to ‘protect’ makes us dependent of ‘enforcers’ and ‘laws’ which everyone must comply with. This is not freedom, especially when the enforcers use their power over others for their own benefit.

There is another way to accomplish ‘protection’ and it is what this site will focus on.

Between the deplorable ‘education’ and ‘motivation’ instilled in us by the MSM, it results in people that must rely on ‘enforcers’ to protect them.

In a better world where all individuals understand the landscape well, and are fully able to think for themselves, individuals will no longer need to rely on ‘enforcers’ because they are fully capable of protecting themselves without resorting to laws or enforcers.

Such individuals, having the full understanding, that their own freedom depends totally on in turn allowing others their own freedom, will be able to coexist without chafing on each other. There will always be some individuals that for varying reasons will attempt to abuse their neighbors. Healthy individuals will be able to cope with such problems on an individual basis as in a world without armies or enforcers, any conflicts must necessarily be resolved between individuals with similar opportunities of offense/defense.

Being ‘free’ requires being willing to accept responsibility for your own well being. Being well grounded in your landscape, and seeing problems before they resolve into conflict, is a far better defense than depending on enforcers to protect you after the fact.

A world of free individuals is not necessarily a solitary one. Community is valid and important to most people. There are some great thinkers that have described what community might look like without resorting to law or enforcers. That material will be presented here.

This site is currently an individual effort and new material will be slow to appear. I have no intent of keeping up with the news cycle. There are many sites that do that well. In the ‘Good Sites’ section you will find a list of the places I recommend for getting well informed. Use discretion when visiting them. Take away what is of value to you but realize that there is an enormous amount of disinformation in the webscape and it tends to slip in quietly everywhere.

After initially describing the landscape that I see, much of my writing will be spiritual or philosophical in nature.

I hope this site provides you with food for thought. That is all I seek to accomplish here.

Thanks for dropping by,


Lonodon Ridge, Kootenays, BC, Canada